Shift Happens

Transformative Counseling

Welcome to the first step in your transformation! 

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or simply find yourself in a phase of life that is difficult, let us help. Through a personalized, collaborative approach we will walk alongside you on your unique healing journey.  


Here at Shift Happens Transformative Counseling we strive to meet you right where you are at in life. We work with you to uncover the reasons you are not living your best life, help you to shift your thinking, and transform your life. 

Conveniently located off of US 60 and Alma School, we serve the surrounding communities, including Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix, AZ. We offer a compassionate, nonjudgmental setting that serves as a place of healing. 

Compassionate about what we do. It is our goal that every client leaves here with a newfound sense of peace, self-worth and the skills to cope with everyday life. 

Anxiety Disorders

Are you prone to excessive worry, do you have difficulty in social situations, are you tired of overthinking everything? Anxiety is perhaps the most common of all mental health disorders, effecting nearly 40 million Americans each year. 


Trauma is our response to deeply disturbing events that overwhelm our ability to effectively cope. Most of us have some form of trauma; however, sometimes it takes help to heal through it and learn how to effectively manage our response to it. 

If you are struggling in this area, you are not alone. Substance Use Disorders affect over 20 Million Americans age 12 and older, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 

Let us help you transform

Don’t wait any longer. Take your first small step towards transformation. Simply complete the contact form below or reach out directly at 480-300-5826. We will be happy to set-up a free initial 30 minute consultation and get you booked for your initial intake.

Wade Cordell MA, LPC

Owner and founder of Shift Happens Transformative Counseling